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Love Shaker


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We believe in love… that’s why we are the makers of these Love Shakers! We dreamed, designed and made manifest the Love Shaker as a way to share love with the whole world!

The Love Shaker adds the secret ingredient of love into your life in every way! It's a practical & magical instrument that can be used to add love to everything and everyone. Add alotta Love to your life!

Blessed many meals.
Food tasted yummier.
Helped plants grow.
Made housewarming parties much warmer.
Lifted sour moods at work and home.
Cooed babies.
Added Love to pregnant mommies tummies at baby showers.
Soothed boo-boos.
Ended arguments.
Cued kisses and hugs.
Made road trips magical.
Brought joy to hospital rooms.
Added love to our pets.
Helped folks have sweet dreams.
Increased baths rejuvenating power.
Added love and laughter to birthdays and anniversaries.
Enhanced commencements and graduations.
Blessed newly weds as they walked down the aisle!
... and the wonderful list goes on!
We'd love for you to share your experience: [email protected]

Words can not describe the splendor of a healing massage session with Edie Stuber, but I will do the best I can anyway: I have Asperger's Syndrome, which I note first because I don't love "touchy feely" and I am not big on a bunch of outward expression of affection. That I have Asperger's is critical to this testimonial because I am also highly intuitive, and I have a keen radar for purity, goodness and delight. When I walked in to meet Edie for the first time, instead of having my arms crossed and my heart shut off, I was immediately wide open to the love and healing she had to offer, I even accepted a big loving hug. I have spent most of my life with my arms crossed and heart shut off (even though outwardly, I have always appeared as friendly as a puppy dog), so this is monumental as well. I have now had two massage/healing sessions with Edie and I fully intend to be a "regular." My life has changed in ways that I never anticipated. First I bought a "love shaker" (charmed by Edie's internet videos on which, much to my surprise, I use often and share with others. Then, I bought a love shaker for my mother, who reported to me this evening that she has been shaking love all over her house this past week, and she and my dad (her husband of 51 years) have never gotten along better. In addition to this peculiarly love-kissed behavior, I find myself drawing hearts all over my chalkboard in my office. "Who is this girl/woman Lindsay?" I have to ask myself. I don't know for sure, as I know she is still under construction, but I have to say, I like her, and Edie was a big huge part of what opened that door for me. THANK YOU Edie! Love (I'm shaking it all over you right now, can you feel it?).
-Lindsay, CEO Car Pal, LLC National Car Buying Service, MentorEngine, LLC Marketing Consulting Services and Director of Marketing and Community Outreach for Midwifery at WHA, Durham Women's Clinic and Chapel Hill Obstetrics and Gynecology


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