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Circular Breathing Online Video Lessons



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I created these simple yet very effective lessons to fulfill the need for a solution to quickly and easily learn how to Circular breathe.

Have you always wanted to be able to circular breathe while playing the didgeridoo or another wind instrument?
Are you frustrated with being told that it is easy to do and just takes a little practice...while it just seems impossible?

I understand! I started playing the didgeridoo years ago and the circular breathing technique also seemed impossible to me. After purchasing books and video lessons for circular breathing, I still couldn't circular breathe. I gave up and just went back to taking the deepest, fastest breath possible so I could play a long drone. When I started to use the didgeridoo in my sound healing practice I was inspired to once again try to learn how to circular breathe. Through really hard work and constant practice, I could finally do it.

Other people wanted me to teach them. I did not want them to have to learn the hard way as I did.

I developed a system that would make the circular breathing technique not only fast and easy but also fun to learn.

My teaching system has two parts with step by step easy to follow videos and a detailed written description of the techniques:

1. Learning the circular breathing technique using water in seven easy steps. Every client I have taught learns this in about 10 to 15 minutes.

2. How to apply the circular breathing technique to the didgeridoo in five easy steps.

Take the mystery and frustration out of the circular breathing technique by
purchasing the incredibly efficient system I have developed!

NOTICE: Your purchase will show our company name: AHA INC DBA Healing Earth Resources.