The Tao of The Didgeridoo...Open Group Class


Do you want to learn how to quiet your mind and feel less stressed?

Do you want learn how to heal your body using your own sound?

Learn an active meditation that combines breath work, mental focus, self expression and body awareness. Inspired from years of Buddhist mantra meditation and Zen focus Daran introduces you to the "Tao of the Didgeridoo".
You will learn how use and play the DIDGERIDOO as a tool to clear your mind and heal your body. This class will help you get into "the zone", be more relaxed and effective in every area of your life.


*Increase mental focus

*Reduce stress and anxiety

*Exercise for the cardiovascular and respiratory systems

*Help with breathing issues such as asthma and emphysema

*Open joyful expression and playfulness

*Alleviate the symptoms of sleep apnea

OPEN to all (no experience required)

DATE: Tuesday evenings 7pm to 8:30pm.

INVESTMENT: $15 per class for a 10 class pass.
Or $20 per class drop-in.

You will need a didgeridoo for the class. I have didgeridoos for sale starting at $25.

LOCATION: Daran’s Studio at Healing Earth Resources, 506 Old Greensboro Rd Chapel Hill, NC 27516

Our company name is: AHA INC DBA Healing Earth Resources